SMART : Compact CNC lathe machine


SMART-32/42/32T8/42T8 Gang Tool CNC Lathe

The Most Economical Compact CNC Lathe with gang tool holder Rigid Structure! High Positioning Accuracy! Profitable Machining!

The SMART series Gang Tool CNC lathe lets you enjoy extraordinary precision and productivity. When you select the SMART series, you get more than greater production. You also get all the traditional JINN FA quality and consistent machining performance. The gang tool lathe features high speed and lower production costs for bar machining. Upon request, the machine is available to equip with a bar feeder and parts catcher for increasing production efficiency.

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JINN FA Gang Tool CNC Lathe's Advantage:

1: Simplicity and Affordability

Gang tool lathes are often more cost-effective than turret lathes due to the simplicity of their tool change process. The lathe's standard axis servos and leadscrews handle all the work, whereas motorizing a turret can increase costs significantly.

2: Precision

Gang tool CNC lathes have an accuracy advantage over turret lathes due to their simpler moving parts, which reduces tolerance stack up and other types of slop. Additionally, the gang lathe is better suited for moving parts across shorter distances.

3: Rapidity

The tool change process in gang lathes is incredibly speedy as it utilizes slide motion for tool changes, eliminating the need for turret indexing.

4: Quick Installation

Gang tooling lathes offer fast setup times, with a simple set of tools and the ability to switch out a single block for a specific size twist drill allowing for a wide range of gang work to be accomplished.

5: Durability

Gang Tool lathes are known for their robustness, which is directly linked to their simplicity. With fewer moving parts, gang lathes are less prone to errors and malfunctions.

Gang Tool CNC Lathe
  • Upon request, a parts catcher is available. It provides convenient and effcient parts collection.
Gang Tool CNC Lathe
  • The 20° slant bed structure not only facilitates chip disposal, but also allows easy access to the workpiece. The ruggedly constructed base assures maximum rigidity and stability in heavy duty machining.
Turret Type Gang Tool CNC Lathe
  • Which tooling system do you choose on a Gang Tool CNC Lathe? Now it is possible to get them both on the specially designed SMART series, which greatly reduces your machining time.
Gang Tool CNC Lathe
  • The gang type tooling system consists of 6 tools. Tool change is fast and conveniently accomplished. This combined with 2-position powered tools enables the machine to perform face milling, drilling and tapping operations.
Max. swing over bed mm 320 320
Max. turning diameter mm Ø200 Ø200
Max. turning length mm 117 140
Max. bar capacity mm Ø 42 Ø 42
Bore of spindle mm Ø 44 Ø 44
Spindle bearing inside dia. mm Ø 80 Ø 80
Spindle nose mm A2-5 A2-5
Spindle speed range rpm 45 ~ 3500 45 ~ 3500
Spindle motor kw 5.5 5.5
Max. travel X1 / Z1 axis mm 215 / 127 215 / 150
Rapid traverse X1 / Z1 axis mm 16 16
Turret indexing time sec - 0.3
Machine slant degree   20° 20°
Slide way type   Square guide way Square guide way
3-jaw chuck size   6” 6”
Collet type mm 173E 173E
Turning tool size mm □20 □20
Boring tool diameter mm Ø 25 Ø 25
Cutting tool size mm □20 □20
X / Z axis ball screw dia. mm Ø 32 Ø 32
X / Z axis feeding motor kw 0.75 / 1.0 0.75 / 1.0
Hydraulic motor kw 0.75 0.75
Lubrication motor w 150 150
Power requirement kva 10 10
Coolant tank capacity L 80 80
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2813x1350x1825 2813x1350x1825
Weight kg 2200 2200
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