JCL : Fixed head horizontal CNC lathe


JCL-42TG/52TG/42TGM/52TGM Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe by Jinna Fa
  • Superior Performances of Efficiency and Convenience Priemier Solution for Production Enhancement.
  • The machine is equipped with a drilling slide which enabe the machine to perform O.D and I.D. machining at one time.
  • 8-position hydraulic turre or 12-position power turret.
  • The spindle accommodates a 6" 3-jaw chuck or collet chuck.
  • 20° slant bed structure facilitates chip disposal and easy workpiece access.
  • Bar feeder shown in picture is optional.
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Jinn Fa's groundbreaking innovation takes machining to the next level. The JCL-TG/TGM series fixed head CNC lathe boasts up to 5 axes and dual-channel control, cutting cycle times by up to 50% for identical components.

Elevate your manufacturing prowess and gain a competitive edge with Jinn Fa's JCL-TG/TGM series. Get ready to redefine efficiency and excellence in the world of CNC machining.

Our fixed head CNC lathe with features below:

  • Precision Machining: Equipped with a drilling slide, enabling simultaneous O.D. and I.D. machining.
  • Turret Options: Choose between an 8-position hydraulic turret or a 12-position power turret.
  • Versatile Spindle: The spindle accommodates a 6" 3-jaw chuck or collet chuck, ensuring flexibility in your machining operations.
  • Streamlined Design: With a 20° slant bed structure, chip disposal becomes seamless, while workpiece access is made easy.
  • Enhanced Accessory: The optional bar feeder, depicted in the image, further optimizes your machining setup.

Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe with PARTS CATCHER
  • After machining is completed, parts are moved out of the machine by a conveyor.
Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe with TOOLING SYSTEM
  • Upon request, a parts catcher is available, It provides convenient and efficient parts collection.
Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe with C-AXIS
Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe with POWER TURRET
  • The power turret features bi-directional tool change. Tool change time between adjacent tools is only 0.2 seconds. The turret loading capacity is 12 tools. The live tool head can be fitted with 6 tools.
Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe
Fixed Head Horizontal CNC Lathe
Suited for:
  • JCL-42TG / JCL-52TG, JCL-42TGM / JCL-52TGM
  • The drilling slide can be mounted with 4 ~ 5 tools which enables the machine to perform O.D. and I.D. machining at one time thereby upgrading efficiency. Upgrades operational working time by 1/3 to 1/2.
Max. swing over bed mm Ø440 Ø440
Max. turning diameter mm Ø200 Ø140
Max. turning length mm 195 / 180 155 / 140
Max. part catch length mm 100 100
Max. bar capacity mm Ø42 / Ø50 Ø42 / Ø50
Spindle bore diameter mm Ø55.5 / Ø70 Ø55.5 / Ø70
Spindle nose   A2-5 A2-5
Spindle speed range rpm 45 ~ 4000 45 ~ 4000
Spindle motor kw 7.5 7.5
Number of tool stations $1   8 12
Number of tool stations $2   5 5
Max. stroke X1 mm 125 130
Max. stroke Z1 mm 205 / 190 165 / 150
Max. stroke X2 mm 240 240
Max. stroke Z2 mm 290 290
Rapid traverse X1 m / min 12 (16) 12 (16)
Rapid traverse Z1 m / min 12 (16) 12 (16)
Rapid traverse X2 m / min 12 (16) 12 (16)
Rapid traverse Z2 m / min 12 (16) 12 (16)
Turret indexing time sec 0.3 0.3
Machine design deg 20° 20°
Slide way type   Square guide way Square guide way
Main-spindle hydraulic chuck inch 6” 6”
Turning tool diameter mm □20 □16
Boring tool diameter mm Ø25 VDI 20
Driven tool motor power / 30min kw - 1.5
Hydraulic motor kw 0.75 0.75
Lubrication motor w 3.5 3.5
Power requirement kva 15 21
Coolant tank capacity L 100L (85%) 100L (85%)
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2255x1800x1800 2255x1800x1800
Weight kg 2400 2480
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