JCL : Fixed head horizontal CNC lathe



The most comprehensive range of CNC lathe from 2-axis to turret lathe.

  • 8-position turret.
  • The spindle accommodates a 6" 3-jaw chuck or collet chuck.
  • 20° slant bed structure facilitates chip disposal and easy workpiece access.
  • Bar feeder shown in picture is optional.
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A turret lathe is a type of metalworking lathe which the feature is multiple cutting tools at once and do not need to swap out the cutting tool, so the turret type cnc lathes are more versatile than traditional lathes. It only takes a few seconds for a turret lathe to change to a different cutting tool, whereas it may take a human worker several minutes to manually swap out the cutting tool in a traditional lathe. When you use turret type cnc turning lathes it can be resulting in faster and take more efficient production processes for manufacturing companies.

Turret type cnc turning lathes can be used and applicated in automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, medical, oil and gas, etc industries.

  • JCL-42T / JCL-52T
  • The power turret features bi-directional tool change. Tool change time between adjacent tools is only 0.2 seconds. The turret loading capacity is 12 tools. The live tool head can be fitted with 6 tools. JCL-42TM / JCL-52TM
Max. swing over bed mm Ø440
Max. turning diameter mm Ø200
Max. turning length mm 215/205
Material coollect length mm 100
Spindle max. bar capacity mm Ø42/Ø50
Spindle bore diameter mm Ø55.5/Ø70
Spindle nose   A2-5
Spindle speed range rpm 45~4000
Spindle motor kw 5.5(7.5)/7.5
Number of tool stations   8
Max. stroke X-axis mm 120
Max stroke Z-axis mm 225/215
Rapid traverse X-axis m/min 12(16)
Rapid traverse Z-axis m/min 12(16)
Turret indexing time sec 0.3
Machine design deg 20°
Slide way type   Square Guide way
Tailstock taper   -
Tailstock traverse mm -
Spindle hydraulic chuck inch 6"
Turning tool diameter mm □20
Boring tool diameter mm Ø25
Driven tool motor power / 30min kw -
Hydraulic motor kw 0.75
Lubrication motor w 3.5
Power requirement kva 15
Coolant tank capacity L 100L(85%)
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2255X1800X1800
Weight kg 2235/2265
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