JSL: Swiss type sliding head CNC lathe


  • Max. turning diameter 32mm ~ 42mm.
  • Max eight axes simultaneously movement (X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Y2/Z2/C1/C2).
  • Sub tooling system can make eccentric drilling, milling and grooving function.
  • Side drilling can be converted to end drilling (six for front & six for back).
  • Rigid structure with powerful lives tools brings you stable and versatile machining performance.
  • Features
  • Specifications
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Cross/Face drilling function
  • The side drilling unit can be converted to 3-position face drilling for main and sub spindle.
  • Angle adjustment (manually)
Max. turning diameter of main spindle mm 32 42
Max. turning diameter of sub-spindle mm 32 42
Max. turning length(rotating guide bushing) mm 310
Max. turning length(non-guide bushing) mm 105
Max. turning length(fixed bushing) mm 350
Max. drilling/tapping capacity of sub spindle mm Ø13 / M10
Max. drilling/tapping capacity of main spindle mm Ø10 / M8
Max. cross drilling/tapping capacity mm Ø10 / M6
O.D. tool holder pcs 6 (口16mm) / 5 (口20mm)
I.D. tool holder pcs 5 / Ø25mm
S1 cross live tool holder pcs 6 (ER-16×2 & ER-20×4)
Face drills of sub-spindle pcs 4 8 4 8
Controlled axes (Incl. C-axis) pcs 7 8 7 8
Main/sub-spindle bore mm Ø34 Ø44
Max. speed of main/sub-spindle rpm 7000 6000
X1/Z1/Y1/X2/Z2/Y2 axis rapid traverse m/min 24
Max. speed of S1 cross drilling rpm 4000
S1cross tooling drive motor KW 1.6
S2 face tooling drive motor KW 0.75
Max. speed of S2 drill rpm 4000
Main spindle motor KW 5.5 / 7.5
Sub spindle motor KW 5.5 / 7.5
X1/Z1 axis motor KW 1.4
Y1/X2/Z2 axis motor KW 0.75
Y2 axis motor KW non 0.75 non 0.75
Coolant pump motor KW 1.29
Power required KVA 30
Lubrication oil capacity L 2
Coolant tank capacity L 250(100%)
Machine dimensions(L x W x H) mm 3106x1690x2100
Weight KG 4900 4920 4900 4920
Main Spindle
Sub Spindle