JSL: Swiss type sliding head CNC lathe


  • Max. turning diameter 20mm.
  • Both guide bush / Non guide bush holder are available for making complicated components.
  • Four axes simultaneously movement (X/Y/Z/B/C) work with main / sub tooling system.
  • With cross drilling, it works well in milling, drilling and tapping.
  • Main and sub spindle can drill simultaneously.
  • Features
  • Specifications
Max. turning dia. of main spindle mm 20
Max. turning dia. of sub spindle mm 20
Max turning length (Fixed guide bush) mm 200
Max. turning length (Rotary guide bush) mm 85 (optional:150)
Max. turning length (Non guide bush) mm 45
Max. drilling capacity of main spindle mm 10
Max. drilling capacity of sub spindle mm 10
Max. tapping capacity of main spindle   M8
Max. tapping capacity of sub spindle   M8
Max. cross drilling capacity mm 10
Max. cross tapping capacity   M6
No. of external turning tools pcs 8
No. of internal turning tools pcs 5
No. of cross drillings pcs 4 (optional:7)
Face tool holder (Sub~spindle) pcs -
Size of tool mm 12x12x90
No. of axis controls   5 (X/Y/Z/C/B)
Bore of spindle mm 29
Spindle speed range rpm 200~8000
Rapid traverse X / Z m/min 24
Main spindle motor kw 3.7
Sub spindle motor kw 2.2
X1 / Z1 motor kw 0.5 / 0.75
Y-Axis motor kw 0.75
Cross drilling motor kw 0.5
End drilling motor kw -
X2 / Z2 motor mm - / 0.5
Coolant motor kw 0.375
Power Requirement kw 15 KVA
Machine dimensions mm 2030x1330x2025
Weight kg 2140
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